What is Crystal Energy Healing Light Therapy?

Crystal Healing Light

Photo courtesy Etheric Elements.

Crystal Energy Healing Light Therapy combines the benefits of color, light and crystal therapies. This combination produces beneficial stimulation on both physical and energetic levels. The Crystal Energy Healing Light  is custom-created and the crystals personally programmed by a master energy healer. The combined power of crystals, light and color contribute to a profound healing experience.

Each crystal light consists of 10 natural clear quartz crystals housed in individual movable units that are used in conjunction with light to focus energy on the seven major chakras. As colored light shines through each crystal, the light radiates color and energy through the charged crystal. Chakras are balanced, cleansed, and aligned, allowing the body’s own natural healing mechanisms to function as they were meant to do. As with any treatment, no guarantee can be made for the healing of a specific ailment, and use of the light should not replace care and advice from a medical practitioner.

For more information about the Etheric Crystal Healing bed, please visit ethericelements.com.

What to Expect During a Crystal Energy Healing Light Therapy Session

Crystal Energy Healing Light Therapy is non-invasive, no-touch therapy. You remove your shoes and lie fully clothed on a massage table. Each of the lights is aligned over the corresponding chakra. A cover is placed over your eyes and soft music will play while you relax and open yourself to receiving the energy of the crystals and the lights.

After your session, it’s advisable to rest and to let your body realign and balance itself. It is also recommended that you drink several glasses of water throughout the day to aid your body in removing any toxins that might be released.

Crystal Energy Healing Light Therapy can be added to complementary healing services for a heightened experience of balance and integration.

How Crystal Energy Healing Light Therapy Can Benefit You

  • Increased energy
  • Feelings of deep relaxation
  • Increased feelings of peace and overall well-being
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Gaining a deeper spiritual understanding of yourself and life situations
  • Achieve insight into your future path

Session Pricing

30-Minute Session: $30
60-Minute Session: $60

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla, Engineer and Inventor

Session Policies

  • Session packages are available. Please inquire regarding pricing.
  • Services can be combined during your session.
  • A $50 deposit is required for all sessions.


Please Note: We do have a firm 48-hour cancellation policy. If for any reason you need to change or cancel your appointment, a 48-hour notice is required otherwise there is a full session fee charge.

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